Protein identification

For the identification of proteins particularly those excised for two dimensional gel electrophoresis, we offer protein identification by MALDI-TOF/TOF (PMF + MS/MS). This approach is quite sensitive and rapid and is recommended for protein identification of organisms with available genome information (this approach also works well when the genome information of a close species is available). In this method, proteins are digested using trypsin and the sample is then analyzed using a peptide mass fingerprint method. The most abundant peptide ions are then subjected to further analysis, providing information that can be used to determine the sequence of peptides. The results from both types of analysis are combined and searched using software against protein, DNA or EST databases, to identify the protein.
However, for protein spots from species with limited sequence information in database, we suggest LC MS/MS approach. This is more expensive method compared with MALDI TOF/TOF but the sequence information generally is more.

Protein Quantification

Currently, there are several methods for protein quantification using Mass Spectrometry approach including labeled based (e.g., ICAT, SILAC, iTRAQ) and label free system.

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